In the first half of Into the Badlands Season 3, a civil war is raging between the remaining 2 barons, The Widow and Chau. Sunny navigates his way through the war-torn country to get his son medical help after he has contracted a mysterious illness. An ominous nomadic leader called Pilgrim arrives under the guise of peace, but it seems like he has destructive intentions. This means enemies must trust one another in order to protect the Badlands.

And cut to the midseason break. Wait…what?!

When the series returns, we’ll dive back into all the questions we’ve been left asking. Will Sunny help Pilgrim unlock the Meridian Chamber? After uncovering the truth about who killed his mother, is M.K.’s urge for revenge going to come to fruition? Lydia risked her life on the battlefield, and Nathaniel Moon rushed to save her—will he make it before she’s gone forever? It’s bittersweet because we know these are the final episodes, but at least we’ll have answers. We also get to see the epic battle to end all battles…

Long-buried secrets will be revealed as the final episodes bring an epic end to the saga. The last chapter of Into the Badlands begins March 24th after The Walking Dead on AMC. New episodes air every Monday at 10/9c.