Agent Erica Shepherd became The Enemy Within when she gave up the names of 4 undercover CIA agents, to save her daughter’s life. After being convicted of treason, she became America’s most famous traitor. We think any parent would have done the same thing, but it makes us wonder… is there more to her story?

As Shepherd serves a life sentence in a supermax prison, a series of new terrorist attacks are launched on the United States. To his dismay, FBI agent Will Keaton needs Shepherd’s help to find a fiercely dangerous and elusive criminal. Shepherd’s treasonous actions lead to the death of Keaton’s fiancé, so it’s incredibly hard for him to trust her. His intense doubt could keep them from working together successfully.

This new mission could be Shepherd’s opportunity to earn back the nation’s trust. It may also be the first step toward being back in her daughter’s life, which she desperately wants. There are two sides to every treason, and as the episodes unfold you’ll find out whose side you’re on as Shepherd’s truth comes to light.

They each have their own motivations for bringing the enemy to justice, and they’re both forced to trust The Enemy Within. Set in the world of counterintelligence, Jennifer Carpenter and Morris Chestnut star in this character-driven drama. Strap in for the series premiere Monday, February 25th at 10/9c on NBC.