For 9 years DIRECTV has celebrated the weekend of the Big Game with incredible performances. #SuperSaturdayNight has become a phenomenon for sports and music fans alike, and this year we’re so excited to welcome rock legends Foo Fighters to the stage!

On February 2nd, they’ll be rocking out on a custom-built, 3-tiered, 72,000 square-foot venue at Atlanta’s Atlantic Station for all to see. Whether you’re an old school fan (after all the band has been releasing hits since 1995), or a fan of their most recent record “Concrete and Gold,” you’ll have plenty of opportunities to let loose with Foo Fighters at the helm.

Get excited for the Big Game and be sure to catch Foo Fighters on #SuperSaturdayNight. Watch the show live on Feb. 2 only on AUDIENCE®, at 11/10c!