Since 2005, the Puppy Bowl has tantalized viewers across the nation with some of the cutest athletes to take to the field. Watching the Big Game go down, you can’t help but giggle at the antics of the pups as they explore the field, but the best part of the Puppy Bowl is its focus on adoption. Animal Planet is committed to showcasing the power of pet adoption, and through the Puppy Bowl they’ve highlighted specific adoption issues like the animals left behind after natural disasters.

All of the puppies featured in the event are adoptable, and when we visited the set we were excited to hear that most of them had already been adopted—by the Animal Planet staff working on the taping! Besides adoption, the Puppy Bowl has also recently showcased special needs animals and the love they can bring to their forever families.

So gather your pets for the show and get ready to root for Team Fluff or Team Ruff! The Puppy Bowl airs on Sunday, February 3rd at 3/2c on Animal Planet. If you can’t wait until 3pm, pregame coverage begins at 2pm!