To reflect his passions, Dwayne Johnson wanted to create  a physical competition show that tests participants’ endurance, mental ability, and physical capacity. In The Titan Games, everyday people show what hard work can accomplish. Each extraordinary athlete is tasked with overcoming challenges, while being inspired by the workouts that have fueled Dwayne Johnson, struggles he’s experienced, and disciplines he believes in.

Thousands of people tried out, and the best of the best rose to the top. They will put their pure athletic sanity on the line for everyone to see. Four men and four women will compete, and the winner of each challenge faces off during the final one-on-one challenge on Mount Olympus, crowning both a man and a woman. The producers had a massive outdoor stadium built to house the larger than life challenges, making the experience all-encompassing.

From the same production company that brought us American Ninja Warrior, Dwayne Johnson hosts The Titan Games. Don’t miss the newest—and quite possibly the biggest—epic head-to-head competition premiering Thursday, January 3 at 8/7c on NBC.