It’s the season to be thankful for the people we love, and we see this sentiment on display in season 2 of Love After Lockup. This emotional docu-series follows 6 different couples, proving true love knows no bounds.

Distance makes love grow fonder, but what does that mean when these inmates re-enter society with a fiancé waiting for them? Witness the explosive and revealing stories of couples who fall in love and get engaged despite the prison bars between them. They go from minimal, supervised contact with their partners to being united in the free world—full of day-to-day challenges. Can these couples keep their love alive amidst shocking firsts, fights, and family drama; or is it all wishful thinking?

Love it or hate it, Love After Lockup keeps you watching through its couples’ tumultuous ups and downs. We can’t help but pull for these lovebirds, hoping their union isn’t just another con. Find out which couples make it on the outside when America’s guiltiest pleasure returns Friday, December 7, at 8/9c, only on WE tv.