In season 5B of Vikings we’re going to see our favorite characters in much different situations. Ivar the Boneless has won an enormous battle and taken control of Kattegat. His newly obtained power leads him to the burning question: Does he rule his people with fear or love? Based on his prior savage behavior, I think we all know the way his style is going to sway.

Björn and Lagertha are heartbroken, angry, and feel forsaken. They think they’ve lost everything to Ivar, and look for ways to climb back from despair. There is also an unlikely bond formed between King Alfred and Ubbe, while they give each other a better understanding of their respective worlds, giving us a glimmer of hope for a different future.

Changing relationships, tears, and a lot of killing drive this season, and we better be ready. Every setting and scene seems to be getting darker and darker, and a relentless sense of dread colors the second half of Season 5. The divide widens in the Lothbrok family when Vikings returns November 28th on HISTORY.