The Walking Dead mid-season break isn’t quite here, but all eyes are on episode 5. Actor Andrew Lincoln made his series exit as central character Rick Grimes. Over the last 9 seasons fans have experienced highs and lows with the Sheriff. We’ve been with Rick to witness old friends, new friends, and family die at the hands of despicable people—and at the mouths of the undead. [Ed note: upcoming spoiler alerts!]

After he impales himself on rebar, Rick still tries to warn everyone about an incoming horde of zombies. In a retrospective move, we are reunited with Shane, Hershel, and Sasha through hallucinations. But in a moment of sacrifice, Rick comes back to reality to blow up a bridge. Unknown to everyone, he has been rescued and taken away.

Fast forward 6 years and Rick’s daughter, Judith, is now a preteen. She walks around their community with distinct and vocal opinions. The survivors try to navigate life after Rick, and with a new frightening group of adversaries called the Whisperers coming, they’ll need to figure it out fast.

With the departure of Rick, who was a driving factor of the story, we’re promised a fresh new take. Catch the mid-season finale of Season 9 on November 25th at 9/8c on AMC. We’ll be entering brand new territory—no one is prepared.