“Being famous is like being drunk, except the whole world is drunk with you.” Dive into the incredible world of Hervé Villechaize, famous for his role in Fantasy Island, but also for the debauchery that he enthusiastically indulged in. In My Dinner With Hervé we come face to face with Villechaize’s demons as he spills his life story to struggling journalist Danny Tate, a man with his own set of demons.

Brought to life by Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones, The Station Agent), Villechaize is both heartbreaking and inspirational. Danny Tate, played by Jamie Dornan (Fifty Shades of Grey, The Fall), treats this interview assignment like a puff piece, but soon realizes it’s so much more. Based on the true story of journalist Sacha Gervasi’s final interview with Villechaise, My Dinner With Hervé takes viewers on a journey they won’t soon forget. We spoke to Gervasi who served as the film’s director, in addition to stars Dinklage and Dornan about the lasting power of Villechaise’s story. Watch our interview below, and stream My Dinner With Hervé today.