Halloween may be over, but America’s insatiable thirst for horror will never be quelled. SYFY’s anthology series Channel Zero has been freaking audiences out since 2016, and this fourth season is no different. Based on popular horror stories pulled from the web (if you haven’t read creepypastas before you’re in for a shock), each season Channel Zero dives deep into one specific narrative. For Season 4, that narrative is based on Charlotte Bywater’s “Hidden Door.”

We spoke to one of this season’s leads, Brandon Scott (who plays Tom Hodgson), about his character’s journey and what it’s like to face off against one of the creepiest villains we’ve ever seen on the small screen. *Shudders* Read our interview below, and stream all of Channel Zero: The Dream Door now!

Let’s talk about Tom… it seems that he’s harboring quite a few secrets.

Yeah… he definitely is. But he means well! Jill and Tom reconnected very recently, and rushed to the altar. They forgot to explore a lot of the baggage they’d been carrying. Tom loves Jill dearly—that’s an undeniable fact—and he wants what’s best for their marriage. He’s afraid that if Jill knew things about his past or even the things that he’s currently trying repair from his past, Jill wouldn’t be able to move past any of it. He’s scared he would lose her, his childhood love. So he chooses to omit the truth and keep secrets. Which pains him, but he thinks it’s for the best. I’ve always seen the first episode as Tom trying to figure out how to reveal the truth to Jill. He is trying to confront this fear. But it’s kind of hard to do when a psychotic contortionist clown is trying to kill you!

Horror is definitely having a revival. Were you a fan of horror before taking on this project? If so, what are some of your favorites?

I’m always a fan of horror, even if I’m not totally submerged in it. My older brother and I grew up on Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. Apparently I used to run around the house quoting Freddy Kruger! To this day, The Exorcist gives me chills. I loved The Witch. I was one of those who thought The Blair Witch Project was real found footage—and let me tell you I was SO relieved when I later learned it was just a movie!

Filming some of the more violent scenes must have been intense—can you talk a bit about what your process is like when prepping yourself for these kinds of scenes?

The violent scenes are definitely a workout! For this season, many of those scenes felt like action scenes to me. Which I enjoyed. I’m a martial artist, so I’m always excited to jump into that physical realm. And Tom is a very physical character, so I think a lot of the prep was already in me. When you’re lucky enough to have someone as talented and scary as PJ (Troy James) chasing you, you just have to react to what he’s giving. Because he gives a lot.

There’s an interesting element of humor in the show as well, which honestly seems to be a SYFY signature. Can you talk a bit about how you think humor plays a role in the series?

I think there are so many wonderful humorous elements in Dream Door. I love when a show is fun, no matter the genre. And fun horror is my favorite type of horror. With humor, an audience immediately relates to a character, or the circumstances. They get on board, and it makes the gore so much more rewarding. It really helps to create a roller coaster ride for the viewer, which I think equates to fun. Wherever possible, we tried to find some levity with these characters and circumstances.

Episode one was jarring as heck… how much more insanity are we in for as the series progresses?

You are not prepared. You cannot prepare. I highly recommend anyone reading this to watch the entire series before someone spoils the twists and turns for you. Hopefully I haven’t spoiled anything for you in this interview! Because this season is pure insanity.