Can highly-criticized quarterback Blake Bortles and team take on last year’s Super Bowl champs? As part of this year’s NFL London Games, the Jacksonville Jaguars will face off against the Philadelphia Eagles at Wembley Stadium on October 28.

Both teams are coming off of last year’s great seasons, so the Jaguars and Eagles could potentially give us the best international game we’ve seen to date. Jacksonville is battling injuries, and some say that has weakened their offensive line, resulting in more sacks. But Bortles is completing 10% more passes this year, so maybe the defensive pressure is working to his benefit.

Early this season, the Super Bowl LII champs are having difficulty finding their rhythm on the field, even with Carson Wentz back as quarterback. The Eagles are also up against a roster of injuries––D-end Derek Barnett, RB Corey Clement, and DT Fletcher Cox, to name a few––though some may be making triumphant returns before they get to the London gridiron.

Will the fresh European air supercharge these 2 teams into a historic international battle? We hope so!

Don’t miss this sure-to-entice live London game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, October 28 at 9:30am ET on the NFL Network.