Sex and politics fuel the duplicity found in King Louis XIV’s court in the racy drama, Versailles. In this critically acclaimed series, King Louis (George Blagden) pursues his status-quo-smashing ambitions, and the ruling class is forced to fall in line behind him.

Feeling powerful after settling the Affair of the Poisons and winning the war against Holland, King Louis wants to expand his empire and impose his dominance on all of Europe. All this comes at a cost because the rebellion continues to gather traction and there are new challenges arising inside the Palace of Versailles. As he becomes more dogmatic, he refuses to tolerate any disagreement—whether from his people, the Protestants, or the Pope himself.

With the labyrinth of deceit and political posturing, you won’t want to miss the emotional manipulation on display in Versailles. The impassioned drama is almost too much for even us to handle!

Keep up with King Louis’ quest for absolute power on Season 3 of Versailles, Saturdays on Ovation.