It’s not just the richness of her backstory or her incredible set of skills—there’s so much more! So what is it about Patty Jenkins’ 2017 version of Wonder Woman that’s so powerful and entrancing?

At their core, superheroes are made to inspire, and they’re usually larger than life. They can do what we can’t do. They can fly, they can see through walls, and they can defeat evil, bringing humanity together time and time again. What’s so interesting about Patty Jenkins’ version of Diana Prince, is that she’s not perfect. The film’s star, Gal Gadot, says it best: “[she has] the heart of a human so she can be emotional, she’s curious, she’s compassionate, she loves people. And then she has the powers of a goddess. She’s all for good, she fights for good.” In this 2017 incarnation of Wonder Woman, it’s her flawed nature that makes her so real… and oddly, so relatable!

And we’re not the only ones that have fallen for WW! The film broke a whole slew of box office records, including raking in more than $103 million dollars domestically during opening weekend—a new record for a film directed by a woman. Not to mention, this was the first big budget superhero movie to ever be directed by a woman!

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