Bargain buyers far and wide, come on down! ????

Do you know the value of a great product? Can you spot a deal from a mile away? We’re putting your savings skills to the test to find out if you truly know the value of the dollar.

We’ve rounded up a mix of practical, kooky and luxury products that—shockingly enough—are all the same price! Can you guess how much they cost? Browse the list and make your guess! We’ll reveal the true price at the end. No cheating!

1. The Colgate Dash Button

From Amazon

Never run out of toothpaste again! Forget desperately wrestling with the tube to squeeze out the last bit. Set this button near your toothbrush, and next time you’re running low, simply click the button and Amazon will deliver a new tube to your doorstep.

2. Adorable Succulent Accessory Pins

From Etsy

Never underestimate the power of a good accessory. These hip handcrafted pins will bring any blouse to life. It’s the frill you need to spruce up your look. (Get it?)

3. An Evening Of Endless Fun, Adventure And Entertainment.

From DirecTV

Eight premium movie channels & more!! With DIRECTV HD Extra Pack, you can enjoy celebrated classic movies on Sony Movie Channel HD, spooky adventures on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel, documentaries on Smithsonian HD and more. Plus, you can stream it all on your computer, tablet or phone!

4. A Soothing Meditation App

From Calm

Manage your stress, your sleep and overall happiness with an annual subscription to Calm—an app designed for mindfulness and meditation. Can you really put a price on mental health? You betcha!

5. A Genuine Samurai Sword

From Spencer’s

Just kidding—it’s plastic. Even still, you’ll feel like the real Bruce Lee with the sound of this plastic blade slicing through the air. It’s an elegant weapon fit for a samurai.

6. A Religion-Themed Potato Sack

From Oriental Trading Co.

From samurai swords to a brown potato sack. What could the cost be?

7. Tide Travel Pack

From Ebay

These magical stain-erasing pens were designed with the klutz in mind. Now you can wash your garments on the go!

8. Washable Doggie Diaper

From Etsy

How much do you value your new carpet?

9. Cheeky Wall Art  

From Etsy

Adorn your kitchen with this adorable and relatable wall art that speaks to your soul.

10. Mini Foot Hammock

From Zalpals

Spending most of your hours at the office? Kick back and relax from the comfort of your desk.


What do all of these incredible products cost?

Only $4.99! If you guessed correctly without cheating—well done! Thanks for playing and join us next time!


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