Twin Peaks is upon us! After 25 years, the story continues. Written by series creators Mark Frost and David Lynch, and directed entirely by Lynch, Twin Peaks is back only on SHOWTIME® and the countdown is on. In celebration of the premiere May 21st at 9/8c, we’ve put together this helpful guide to help you host your very own premiere party. We know that attention to detail is important, and we guarantee that your party will be the talk of the town!


Getting your costume right

There are so many strange, incredible characters to be found in Twin Peaks, but in order to capture their essence, you’ll need the right tools. With a little effort you can bring to life your favorite character with the help of a wig, an eye patch, and a confident strut!

From L to R: Amelia Bareparts as The Log Lady; Bunny Buxom as Audrey Horne; Francine the Lucid Dream as Nadine Hurley; Legs Malone as Agent Dale Cooper and Schaffer The Darklord as Deputy Director Gordon Cole in a still from Francine Daveta’s “A David Lynch Movie.”

The Log Lady: Margaret Lanterman aka the Log Lady plays an integral part in connecting the dots in Twin Peaks, so her importance cannot be understated. To be the Log Lady, you will need… a log! And some big 80s glasses. Pair those with a brown bob wig and an earth tone outfit—maybe a cardigan and a matching wool skirt—and don’t forget to chew gum incessantly. After all, the Log Lady is both serious and observant at all times! This is the perfect cosplay for someone who doesn’t feel like socializing, and if you’re really not feeling the vibe of the party feel free to stick your gum underneath the host’s furniture. If people are talking too much over the show, go to the back of the room and flick the light switch on and off. Classic Log Lady styles!

Audrey Horne: Audrey is all about sex appeal—for her it’s all about the eyebrows and the attitude! A cute black bob wig is ideal, and you can even go shorter if you want to be “pilot episode” Audrey like Bunny Buxom above. A tight sweater paired with a flirty tartan skirt would work perfectly, and don’t forget to wear saddle shoes! It’s probably not polite to smoke indoors, but we won’t tell if you sneak a cigarette in the bathroom! Of course, make sure to have lots of cherries with stems on hand for your cocktails and for job applications.

Nadine Hurley: Nadine is eccentric and brings a certain levity to Twin Peaks. Her exercise routine and obsessive personality make her hard to ignore! To capture Nadine’s energy you’ll need a red wig, an eye patch, and a whole bunch of cotton balls! You can go several ways here—do you want to be “cheerleader Nadine” in her Twin Peaks outfit? Or perhaps “wrestling Nadine” in her Twin Peaks Phys Ed Dept shirt? The choice is really up to you! Whatever you do, just make sure you’re doing it with a hell of a lot of bravado!

Agent Dale Cooper: Our beloved protagonist loves consistency, so he’s almost always seen in the same get up. You’ll need a dapper dark suit paired with a red or dark tie (trench coat optional), slicked back dark hair, an ample supply of donuts on hand, and of course a tape recorder. To really capture his essence, you’ll need to start all your sentences with “Diane…” and when you drink too much coffee and have to go to the restroom, announce to the party that you “really have to urinate.”


Getting the music right

So now that your costume is on point, it’s time to talk about music. Give your guests plenty of time to mingle before the main event—you know they’ll be geeking out and swapping theories before the show even begins! While they’re chatting you’ll want to have the perfect music playing in the background. It’ll intensify the experience and really set the mood for the premiere.

Pay homage to the musical king of Twin Peaks: American composer Angelo Badalamenti has worked with David Lynch for decades, and scored the entirety of Twin Peaks, even snagging a Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Performance for the Twin Peaks theme! You’ll be safe playing anything from his discography.

Get those goosebumps going: Like Badalamenti, Julee Cruise has worked with David Lynch for decades and is best known as the songstress behind some of Twin Peaks most haunting tunes. Keep your ears open for some new work from her as the new parts of the series are released. There’s nothing like some Julee Cruise to get the blood running ice cold—in a good way!

Give a nod to the fans: Minneapolis jazz trio Bookhouse are die-hard Twin Peaks fans and their 2013 record Ghostwood is an ode to all things Twin Peaks! They explore a lot of Badalamenti’s score while breathing new, jazzy life into it. Kind of the perfect music for a Twin Peaks party! Another great band is Silencio who have been performing David Lynch-inspired music since 2011.

Getting the food right

Your costume is perfect, the tunes are playing, and now you have to make sure your guests can satiate their carnal cravings… for sweets! Your guests will definitely want to munch on some of the treats featured in the show, so you better have them at the ready!

Donuts: We all know they’re Coop’s favorite treat when he’s deep into a case, so they’re the perfect mobile treat to serve your guests as they navigate the room. Powdered, jelly-filled, chocolate-glazed, get them all! Just make sure you have a big enough assortment to line ’em up and take ’em down.

Cherry Pie: Unlike donuts, Coop is pretty particular about his pie, so forget the rest and just stock up on some cherry pie. Whether you go the route of sweet or sour is up to you!

Good, Hot, Black Coffee: You’ll need copious amounts of coffee. Copious amounts! Coop likes his black as Midnight on a moonless night so forgo the sugar and creamer if you want to keep it authentic (but maybe have some back up just in case your friends aren’t as bold).


You’re all set! Now you have all the elements to make your Twin Peaks-themed premiere party a roaring success! Just make sure you’re a SHOWTIME® subscriber so you can watch the darkness unfold on Sunday, May 21st at 9/8c!

Twin Peaks Parts 1-4 are available for streaming starting Monday, May 22nd only on SHOWTIME®. Part 5 premieres on June 4 at 9/8c on SHOWTIME®.


Many thanks to Francine Daveta for her superb Twin Peaks insights, and to the cast of The Pink Room Burlesque for their amazing cosplay inspiration; photos courtesy of Francine Daveta.