Ever since launching his own network, ASPiRE, Earvin “Magic” Johnson has brought uplifting content to homes across the country. His latest offering is Magic In The Making, a show which features intimate conversations with some of today’s most inspiring African-American up-and-comers. His first guest is none other than American Ballet Theatre’s principal dancer, the inimitable Misty Copeland. Tune in to ASPiRE tomorrow, Monday, March 28th at 9/8c to watch their conversation unfold.

Misty’s experienced some incredible milestones within the past year. Were you interested in interviewing her right from the onset of creating Magic In The Making?
Yes, I was very interested in speaking to Misty. When ASPiRE first launched in 2012, Misty was one of the first images our viewers saw on the network. We featured her in one of our first iASPiRE profiles before the world knew her name. She’s been a feature on ASPiRE since the debut of her profile, and I was pleased to be able to talk to her and learn more about her magnetic talent.

Magic in the Making was developed to have an open and honest conversation with African-American news and change makers. Today, Misty Copeland is one of the most celebrated dancers in classical ballet. Time Magazine listed her as one of the Most Influential People in the World. Add to that, she’s the first African-American female principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. She’s an exceptional talent who has had an extraordinary  journey to success. I wanted to share her incredible story with our viewers.

What are you hoping viewers take away from Magic In The Making? Is there an overarching message you’re hoping to convey?
The vision of this show is to have an intimate, revealing, and relaxed conversation with people who have achieved success. I find it enlightening to get the back story of how successful people fulfill their dreams. Where they came from, how they did it, and the challenges they encountered along the way. I’ve been on a similar journey and it’s not easy. I want the audience to know that even though the journey can be difficult, there is hope. Misty Copeland’s incredible story is proof of that. I’m also interested in discussing with my guests, how they plan to use their successful platform and what their future aspirations are. It’s my hope that by sharing these intimate details that perhaps viewers will be inspired by Misty’s story, and realize their dreams are also possible.

Can you share any upcoming guests with us that you think viewers will be excited to tune in for?
We currently have several guest ideas in development. We’re not quite ready to share at this time, however, we will continue to present inspiring and uplifting individuals who are making a difference in our communities.

Did you always have an interest in entering the world of television? How has creating ASPiRE changed your life, and what are your goals for the network?
It has always been my mission to make an impact by empowering the community and providing access to high quality entertainment, products, and services. ASPiRE supports this mission by offering viewers inspiring, positive and entertaining portrayals of African-Americans that every member of the family can enjoy. Our culture is filled with rich, dynamic experiences, and ASPiRE is the network that provides an authentic portrayal of Black and urban culture like no one else. Our stories are told with Heritage, Heart and Humor in everything we do.


Tune in to ASPiRE tomorrow, Monday, March 28th at 9/8c to watch their conversation unfold.