Once upon a time, summer meant a lack of great shows to watch. But times have changed. Nowadays, networks roll out more of the hits as the days got longer and you have more time to watch. So we’ve rolled out some brand new features to make it easy to fill those summer days with amazing entertainment.

Tuned in late to a show? Now you can restart shows that are already in progress with one click by using Restart. It’s simple. Just look for the circular arrow next to the show title in the On-Screen Guide to restart from the beginning, even if you are few minutes behind.

And if you forgot to set your DVR? No problem. Now with DIRECTV, watch shows you forgot to DVR from the last 72 hours. Just press the PLUS (+) icon near the channel number in the On-Screen guide to access the feature.

Plus, when you’re binging on your favorite show, DIRECTV now puts the next episode immediately on deck, automatically. This way, you can watch every episode in chronological order by season and episode number, regardless of the order you recorded them.

Learn more about Rewind and Restart in the Help Center, and enjoy more TV—we’ve made it easy on you.

Features available on select channels. Internet-connected HD DVR (model HR20 or later) required.