Based on the movie series of the same name, Good Witch centers on the beloved character Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell) and her daughter Grace (Bailee Madison) as they live their magical lives in Middleton. The fun starts with the arrival of their new neighbor, a divorced doctor and single dad. The fun starts with the arrival of their new neighbor, a divorced doctor and single dad (James Denton). As he begins to suspect there’s more to his neighbors than their special charm, things take a turn for the enchanted.

We asked the Good Witch herself, Catherine Bell, a few questions about stepping back into the role, and how the show differs from the films.

How does it feel to take this character to the next level and to continue to play her in a series? Were you excited to get to inhabit Cassie’s world again?
I’ve always loved playing Cassie. She has such a beautiful view of people, life, and the world. I’m so inspired by her. Sometimes I’m handling something with one of my kids and then I’ll remember Cassie’s words and attitude about life and finding the best in people. I have literally stopped in my tracks and changed my approach to things. Life imitates art.

Why do you think fans have latched on to her story so much?
I think it’s sometimes rare to find a show that has that magical beautiful way of approaching life. So many shows are dark and disturbing and sometimes it’s nice to just be entertained and feel good! Cassie has that ability. People always tell me they just feel better about things when they watch.

Do you believe in magic?
I do believe! The idea that magic is possible—that fairies or Santa can or do exist, even just the belief that it could be—I love that. Anything can happen. Miracles do happen.

What are some of your favorite parts of the series that will be different from the movies? Are there Easter eggs and surprises for long-running Good Witch fans?
We’ve tried very hard to keep as many of the qualities and elements from the movies whole, while bringing in some new characters, stories, and even parts of Cassie’s personality that you may not have seen. I think the new things add so much! You’re going to sometimes see that Cassie can be vulnerable, or maybe can’t always fix everything—especially dealing with a teenage daughter. I think that little bit of “normal human” qualities mixed in with the beautiful positive and hopeful attitude she’s always had should make for an interesting season!

If you did have any witchy powers, what would you use them for? What spells do you wish you could cast?
I would use them to help people, which is what Cassie does. She helps people turn their lives around or change their idea about something, and makes their lives better.

What other roles and projects are you working on at the moment?
Just Good Witch for the last five months. But a few fun things will start to take shape…Soon!

Watch the special, two-hour premiere of Hallmark Channel’s new original series Good Witch Saturday, February 28 at 8/7c.