What’s more family-friendly than the DVR? Everyone gets to watch their shows. So, everyone’s happy, right? Sure. Until you can’t record the big series finale because your kids jammed the DVR with five seasons of cartoons. Since you can’t send the kids to boarding school this late in the school year, here are five simple rules for maintaining DVR harmony at home.

1. Live TV comes first — and gets the best screen.
You have TVs everywhere, but tonight you want to watch your show on the biggest screen in the house. The problem is your spouse does, too. So, who gets the big screen? Priority goes to the person whose show is more “live” — sports, awards shows, season finales. Hey, the loser can always catch up on past episodes in another room.

2. Bros don’t delete other bros shows.
Seems like there’s always someone filling up the hard drive with shows they never get around to watching. Now, you can’t delete their shows without asking — that’s just rude. But you can get a hard drive big enough for a whole family of TV hoarders. With Genie from DIRECTV, you get a full terabyte of storage —enough to record up to 200 hours of HD entertainment.

3. No one wants to watch you flip through the guide.
Ever have to sit next to someone flipping through the onscreen guide one page at a time? It’s like being in the dentist’s waiting room, only less entertaining. Do the whole family a favor and set Genie to recommend shows based on your viewing habits.* So, there’s less scrolling and more discovering new shows.

4. Give each other some space — and not just on the hard drive.
Your kids may have your high cheekbones, but you’re different people who love different shows. Like your first grade teacher said, celebrate your differences! With Genie from DIRECTV, you can watch all your favorite shows in up to eight rooms with just one DVR.**

5. Spoiler alert: The last rule is about spoilers.
It’s one thing to spoil the ending of a show with your co-workers. But spilling the beans at home is just asking for a night in the doghouse. Try to keep your big yap shut about that show until everyone’s had a few days to catch up. Or, better yet, make time to watch it together.

Get Genie, the Family DVR Conflict Eliminator
No amount of DVR etiquette will work unless you have a system that fits your family’s needs. With one HD DVR for the whole house, plus 200 hours of HD recording capacity, DIRECTV Genie is all you need to maintain DVR zen at home.

* Opt-in to Genie Recommends required.
** Requires Genie Mini or a DIRECTV Ready TV/device for each additional room. Additional fees apply. Limit three remote viewings at a time.