Joe Gatto — who’s one fourth of the truTV hidden-camera show Impractical Jokers — has the best friends a guy could ask for. After three seasons and a live tour of putting each other up to ridiculously embarrassing challenges (like licking a stranger’s pet, watching X-rated material in a busy coffee shop, and throwing a temper tantrum when a stranger won’t buy them a toy) the Jokers remain real-life best friends. Joe takes a minute to discuss the tour and convince us he’s not really a crazy person, he just plays one on TV.

Is there a challenge that you utterly fear being presented to you? If you tell us, we promise not to tell anybody.

I still think the most nerve-wracking thing would be objecting at someone’s wedding. That would be insane. I could never ruin a bride’s wedding day. I have too much heart. Also, I don’t think I’d murder someone. But maybe.

Is it difficult to watch some of your challenges on the show? Sometimes the cringe factor is off the charts for us, and we’re not the ones being put into the awful situations.

Yes. A lot of times when watching, I ask myself how the hell was I able to do something. But I think that’s part of the fun. In everyday life, I’d normally not act this way. But since I am being forced into doing it, it gives me a license to be insane.

Tell us about your Impractical Jokers Tour. What exactly goes on?

We interact a lot with the audience and tell stories from the road, our lives together, and behind-the-scenes stuff from the TV show. We also show hidden-camera challenges we filmed specifically for the live show — too hot for TV, if you will. But it is a comedy show for people who have never seen the TV show, too. The live shows are a lot of fun. Not just for the audience, but for us too. It’s exciting for us because we get to meet cool fans in all these places we’ve never been to. It really is so much fun to travel the country with your three best friends and experience this amazing ride. We really are fortunate.

When we mentioned that we were doing this interview, two people immediately mentioned having gone to high school with the Impractical Jokers and rather proudly at that. When you go home, do you ever have to pay for dinner?

Never. People just throw food at me. Literally.

If we slip you $5, can you make sure that Murr gets a really horrible challenge this season?

Done. This one’s on me. Save your five bucks and get yourself a latte.

Catch Impractical Jokers Thursdays, 10/9c on truTV (channel 246).