Does John Goodman really need an introduction? You’ve seen him in hundreds of hit movies and TV shows—everything from Roseanne to The Simpsons! In the fourth season, John joined the Damages cast as “the bad guy”— Howard T. Erickson. Josh Payne gives us more details.

The scion of a wealthy New York family, Howard T. Erickson is the founder and CEO of High Star Security Corporation, a private military company supplying the US government with armed contractors to supplement its forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. A widower with four sons, Erickson is also a former Marine and devout Christian whose faith guides him in his work and his life. He believes the United States is fighting morally just wars and that he is entitled to profit from his efforts in support of those wars. He views Patty and Ellen as profoundly misguided in their attempt to bring down his company with a wrongful death lawsuit. As the season unfolds, Erickson’s ruthlessness is on full display as he takes extreme measures to save his company.

Early on, we were thinking about actors such as Ed Burns and Wentworth Miller, who were closer in age and physique to Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, the private military company that inspired Season 4. But when we heard John Goodman was interested and available, we tailored the role to suit both the gravity and mischievousness he can bring to a role.

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