What do the Lizard from Spider-Man 2 and Jerry Boorman from Damages have in common? If you haven’t guessed, both characters are played by Emmy nominated-actor and quintessential New Yorker Dylan Baker. You might also remember him in Law & Order, House, Burn Notice, Smash, The Good Wife—the list is long and impressive! No wonder Damages‘ creators have brought him on board for Season 4. Josh Payne‘s got the scoop.

When we first meet Jerry Boorman he’s sitting in a bar, surreptitiously keeping tabs Chris Sanchez, an old friend of Ellen Parsons’ from high school. Later in the first episode, Boorman helps secure government contracts for Howard T. Erickson, the founder of a private military company that provides armed contractors and weapons for the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It isn’t until later in the season we learn that Boorman is a CIA operative, working in the shadows with Erickson on a mutually beneficial project. Just when it seems Boorman is little more than a ruthless mercenary, we get flashback glimpse into his personal life that casts Boorman’s motivations in a completely different light.

Daniel Zelman, one of Damages‘ creators and executive producers, first saw Dylan Baker on stage years ago when Daniel was an apprentice at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in Massachusetts. His performance left an impression. We had thought about casting Dylan several times before and the timing didn’t work out until Season 4. Dylan’s ability to play menace and compassion—often in the same moment—led to a thrilling performance.

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