Fans of The Sopranos know Dominic Chianese as Tony Soprano’s arrogant uncle who eventually succumbs to dementia and lets Tony take over the “family business.” Stuart Zedeck’s business is dry cleaning. He also happens to be Louis Tobin’s friend who plays a pivotal role in recovering the stolen funds in Season 3. Josh Payne gives us the scoop.

In Season 3, Patty Hewes serves as a U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee tasked with tracking down the assets of Louis Tobin, a money manager who was convicted of running a billion-dollar Ponzi scheme. When Louis Tobin commits suicide, Patty must pursue his family for information. Louis’ son Joe, who worked for his father, believes all the money has been accounted for until a mysterious man, Stuart Zedeck, contacts him. Zedeck was a longtime friend of Louis Tobin and helped him stash money in offshore accounts.

Todd A. Kessler, one of Damages creators and executive producers, worked with Dominic Chianese on The Sopranos. Born and raised in the Bronx, Chianese was a perfect fit for the role of Louis Tobin’s lifelong friend from the old neighborhood.

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