There aren’t many lawyers who go head to head with Patty Hewes and stand a chance of winning. Ray Fiske (Zeljko Ivanek) failed miserably by putting a bullet in his head in Patty’s office. Claire Maddox, however, bears a lot of similarities to Patty. She is a no-nonsense corporate attorney who proves to be a worthy adversary. When casting this role, the Damages producers needed someone with a strong on-screen presence and they found it in multi award-winning actress, Marcia Gay Harden. Josh Payne tells us more about her and her Damages character.

When Patty Hewes sues Ultima National Resources for releasing toxic materials into the environment, she squares off against the company’s chief counsel, Claire Maddox. A tough-as-nails corporate shark, Maddox is married to her work and intensely loyal to the CEO of Ultima National Resources, who brought her up through the ranks. Her life becomes more complicated when it’s revealed that she’s sleeping with Daniel Purcell, who leaked corporate documents to Patty Hewes and is the main suspect in his wife’s homicide case. Complicating matters further is Maddox’s alcoholic father, who embarrasses and undermines her in front of her colleagues.

When hiring actors to play opposite Glenn Close, the producers knew it was essential to cast formidable performers who could hold their own in those scenes. Marcia Gay Harden was a no-brainer in that regard. Plus, she lives in New York. Whenever possible, we tried to hire New York actors.

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