We first met Kristin Cavallari on MTV’s Laguna Beach, and then we got to know her even better on The Hills. What’s so cool about her latest project, Very Cavallari, is that we’re seeing a totally different side of the sassy reality star as she navigates motherhood, marriage, and the challenges of being a boss. We spoke to Cavallari about what fans can expect this season, as audiences get a #BTS look at the launch of her flagship store for her jewelry line, Uncommon James. Read our interview below, and be sure to catch a new episode of Very Cavallari this Sunday at 10/9c on E!

How has the transition to Nashville been for you and your family? 

For the past seven years, we always spent a few months out of every year in Nashville, so the move and transition were relatively easy. Nashville is such a warm, welcoming town, and we always knew we would live in Nashville full-time once Jay was done playing football.

A lot of the show will focus on your business and the opening of your flagship store. What do you think viewers will be surprised to learn about your life as a boss?

I think they’ll just be surprised to see how hands on I am! I’m a nice boss, but I also hold my staff accountable and make sure everyone is getting their job done. I’m vocal and don’t sugarcoat (but I think people suspect that from me!)

What’s been the most challenging part of letting cameras back into your life? 

Making sure that Jay was comfortable. This world is new for him—and he’s so private—so I made sure we were on the same page about what we would and wouldn’t show on camera. We decided together not to put our kids on the show. We don’t want to rob them of their choice to have their lives broadcast.

What are you most excited for viewers to experience this season?

I’m excited to catch them up on everything that’s happened in my life over the past 8 years, and to show them the grown up version of me. This is the first show I can really get behind and say is truly me.