With so many amazing shows to watch, figuring out which ones to watch and which to pass on gets harder every day! With that in mind, we wanted to make it easy for you to see which shows DIRECTV customers are going nuts for. Every week we’ll round up our Top 3 most-streamed On Demand shows, with some added info to make your watching experience even better. Enjoy this week’s roundup below:


Confession: we’re all addicted to Westworld! With some unanswered questions still lingering after the Season 2 finale, we’re absolutely willing to suffer while we wait for answers… Sigh. We know it’ll be worth the wait.


Season 2 is off to a rollicking start, and as promised by Claws star Carrie Preston things are definitely in overdrive. We talked to Preston before the Season 2 premiere—check out our interview and catch up on episodes 1 & 2 now!

FIFA World Cup

Finding the World Cup on the list this week was not a surprise! With watch parties happening daily, new fans are being made and shouts of joy can be heard on every street corner. Games are running until the 15th, so there’s plenty of time to tune in. Check out this handy guide for schedules, standings, scores and recaps!

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