With so many amazing shows to watch, figuring out which ones to watch and which to pass on gets harder every day! With that in mind, we wanted to make it easy for you to see which shows DIRECTV customers are going nuts for. Every week we’ll round up our Top 3 most-streamed On Demand shows, with some added info to make your watching experience even better. Enjoy this week’s roundup below:

Real Housewives of Atlanta

For the first time ever, the Real Housewives franchise rolled out a four-part reunion special for the ladies of Atlanta, and fans LOVED IT. That’s why we weren’t surprised that RHOA made it onto our list this week. The drama and tea drinking is strong with this crew!

Fear the Walking Dead

We’re only three episodes into the new season and things have already become… how shall we say? Interesting. We don’t want to reveal any spoilers (especially around last week’s episode), but if you’re not caught up on this season you better hop to it STAT!


With the Season 7 finale having aired on the 29th, it’s no surprise that people were tuned in! Claire Danes’ performance alone is worth watching, and for a show that’s known for it’s surprising twists and turns this season finale definitely didn’t disappoint.

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