Spring is the perfect time to make way for all things fresh and new, which is exactly what Fox is delivering with new seasons of its hit dramas, Empire and Star.

When we last saw Empire’s Lyon family, they were going through a lot. Lucious had come close to death and was suffering from memory loss, Jamal was still battling with his sobriety, Andre was recovering from a nervous breakdown, and Hakeem’s daughter Bella was taken away from him.

Diana Dubois seemed to be the common factor in many of the Lyon’s misfortunes, but with everything they were facing, they couldn’t take her on. Now that Lucious has finally regained his memory, it seems like Cookie is getting ready to battle it out for the sake of her family.

Star also ended last season with its characters in chaos. The Take 3 artists were dealing with Jahil’s drug overdose, Elliot’s death, and what looked like the murder of Cotton. We also watched as Simone rushed into a raging fire to potentially save Karen’s life. Despite all that happened, we were still left wondering who set Carlotta’s salon on fire, and if Karen, Jahil, and Cotton were able to survive their brushes with death.

For now, it looks like revenge is on the horizon for the Lyon family, while the Take 3 starlets should find out which of their loved ones is left standing. But of course with shows like these, things could shift in any direction! To see how it all works out, make sure to watch the March 28th premieres of Empire and Star on Fox.

Start your Spring and catch up on the first 9 episodes of your favorite Fox dramas on Ch. 1011. Catch up on Empire and Star now, before their season premieres! New episodes of Empire and Star both begin Wednesday, March 28th on Fox.