There are countless shows about the lives of celebrities. They’ll give us the scoop on things like dating, red carpet fashion, and diet crazes, but finding a show that thoughtfully covers celebrity deaths is not as common.

Autopsy: The last hours of… is a documentary series that does just that. Although celebrity deaths are usually considered too taboo for TV, the series offers fans a unique view of the lives of well-known icons, by examining their cause of death.

This season we’ll get a chance to follow Dr. Michael Hunter as he reveals the truth behind the deaths of people like David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Farrah Fawcett, Johnny Cash, Mary Tyler Moore, and James Gandolfini.

Their deaths led to intense media attention and speculation, but with help from their friends, family, and their actual autopsies, Dr. Hunter will give everyone a chance to finally separate fact from fiction.

Discover the truth behind the deaths of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Autopsy: The last hours of… airs Sundays at 8/7c on REELZ Ch. 238.