Fan favorite The Librarians knows how to get our hearts pounding with its magic and mayhem, and Season 4 is no different! We spoke to Lindy Booth (aka Cassandra Cillian) about what it takes to bring her character to life, and what the Librarians are like on and off set. Read our interview with Booth below, and be sure to stream new episodes of The Librarians, Wednesdays at 8/7c on TNT.

What can you tease out about Season 4?

Somehow four seasons in and we’ve managed to up the stakes yet again! This season is bigger and crazier and more exciting than ever! And with two more episodes this year, we’ve got a little more time to tell the story and we take FULL advantage of it!

This season gives us lots of drama with The Library itself… since we lost Charlene last season, The Library has become untethered to our world so decisions—BIG decisions—need to be made about who will tie themselves to The Library. It causes quite a bit of friction between all of us and the introduction of a mystery person (sorry! they won’t let me say!) causes further problems as we all start to doubt in our own ways The Library itself and our mission.

What do you love the most about playing Cassandra? What do you love most about her?

I love everything about playing Cassandra. I love her joy, her enthusiasm, her intelligence, her quirkiness, and I love how she embraces all of those things. That she never defines herself… she can love complex algebraic equations with the same intensity that she loves Christmas. I love that she just accepts that she is who she is and never questions that. That’s a characteristic that takes a lot of strength. I think sometimes people see her as weak, but her mental toughness and what she’s overcome in her life have made her incredibly strong. I really admire that in her.

When you’re coming back from hiatus, do you indulge in any rituals to get back into character? Or do you get there through costuming, set design, etc.?

I sit down with Dean Devlin before every season and he walks me through the major plot points, episode ideas and what he has in store for Cassandra. I offer any thoughts I have about Cassandra’s journey and what I’d like to see. That meeting always gets me excited and puts me immediately back into it!

For fans of the show, you know that Cass’ wardrobe is a huge part of her character. So yes, getting back into the wardrobe department with Critter Pierce, our extraordinary designer is when the season really starts for me! We talk about what growth we see for the character and how that can be reflected in her clothes. If you look back to season one, there has been a huge change and all of that is intentional. She’s gone from wearing long sleeves and cardigans in pale colors that let her hide out and feel safe, to bright, bold, and adventurous colors and miss-matched patterns. I always love stepping back into Cass’ shoes… literally!

What’s the energy like on set? You guys have been together for a while now!

The energy is very much like a family. We all get along so well and after four years have so many inside jokes and rituals. Games nights with the whole gang, pizza dinners with John Kim, after work drinks with CK, Rebecca and I do girls nights as often as we can. We have as much fun making this show as our audience does watching it. There’s a lot of respect on our set too. We are all so different, much like our characters, but we all really value what the other brings to the table. They’re just my favorite group of people! We catch up as much as we can when we’re not working. I’m actually having dinner with Rebecca this weekend. I feel really lucky to work with a group of people that I’m lucky enough to call my friends too.

What are you currently binging?

My favorite show of all time is Survivor. It’s not really a binge because I have to watch it as it airs… and I get very serious about it. I could talk about it for hours! I’m currently obsessed with The Crown, Claire Foy is flawless! The Good Placeit’s so smart, so funny. I love Master of None. I’m desperately waiting for Game of Thrones. I’m very excited to see Robin Wright take the lead on House of Cards. There’s so much good TV out there!

Why do you think the show is such a fan favorite? What do you think the hook is that can draw in new fans even three seasons in?

I think the reason that fans love this show so much is that there’s something for everyone. It’s a show that the whole family can watch together, and that really is a rarity these days. It’s fun and adventurous, with just the right amount of suspense and action. With a show based on magic… anything can happen! There are no limits to where our story lines can take us, I think that’s why fans keep coming back—to see what kind of mischief we get into next!

I think the hook for new fans this year will be that we really delve deeper into the characters this year. It’s a chance to get to know these people that you think you know all over again. We meet Ezekiel’s family, Jake falls in love, and we see Cassandra in a whole other world, which really opens her up and shows a new side of her. Even Jenkins gets challenged this season! I really think this season is our best, and it’s the perfect time to jump on board because it actually feels like we’re just getting started!