After the show’s original hosts bowed out in March 2016, viewers were treated to an epic showdown between potential new hosts, with two nerds coming out victorious: Brian Louden and Jon Lung. This season they’ll explore brand new myths, while tackling some epic challenges—and we can’t wait to see how it all goes down! We recently spoke to Louden and Long while they were on set, to find out what skills they’ll be bringing to the table this season. Catch an all-new episode of MythBusters tomorrow, Wednesday, November 15th at 9/8c on Science Channel.

Brian, you have a degree in biology and you’ve trained in emergency medicine, and Jon, you’re an engineer and product designer. How do you think your unique backgrounds are going to play into some of the themes you’ll be exploring this season?

Brian Louden: I think the backgrounds of the original MythBusters definitely played into how they interpreted what they were doing, and we’re going to have that same feel! We’re going to use our backgrounds to design the way we experiment with these myths. So viewers are going to see a whole new thought process behind how the experiments crafted.

So obviously you have some big shoes to fill! What’s been your approach when taking this on—how are you guys mentally and emotionally going into this?

Jon Lung: I think the best part about this is that Brian and I have been hardcore fans of the show since the beginning! We like to say that from the first burnt eyebrow to the last plow truck, through 14 years of everything, we’ve been there. So for us to get the chance to continue this legacy—sure there’s pressure, but it’s more of an honor than something to worry about! As Brian has said before, it’s the same old MythBusters you love, except with two brand new perspectives.

What’s the energy been like on set and how has the experience been so far?

BL: It’s absolutely amazing! We’re lucky enough to have our director, our director of photography, and our second camera team all be OG MythBusters crew! So, they bring a lot of that energy and knowledge with them. And the new crew we have are just amazing—we’ve become one giant family. We’ve had insane days when we’ve been out in the desert for three days in 100+ degree weather with sandstorms, and we’re still having so much fun, really just enjoying it no matter what. I think that speaks to the quality of people who really make this show as amazing as it is.

That’s really cool that a lot of the folks that worked OG MythBusters have continued on for the ride. I didn’t realize that!

BL: Oh yeah. I think that’s something that’s important to me and Jon. Dan Tapster, the executive producer for the majority of the original show, was the one leading the search for the new hosts. So the fact that we were chosen by the original crew to be the next generation of hosts meant a lot.

That’s basically like being knighted!

BL: No kidding!

JL: Yeah, exactly!

What are you most excited for fans to experience with the reboot? Do you think super fans are going to be happy, while you also bring in new viewers?

JL: I would say that now is the perfect time for people who’ve never seen an episode of MythBusters to hop on the bandwagon! I also think for the loyal fans of the original MythBusters, it’s just a fun time to give it a chance and keep up with what’s happening. It’s a brand new start!

As far as what we’re excited about, I think Brian and I have two different ones, but what I think made the original MythBusters so great is the breadth of myths that they tackled. It could be anything from what happens when you drop a piece of buttered toast (hint: it always lands butter side down)—something viewers can easily do in their own kitchens, to things that you should never try at home.

BL: We take a look at onions in a unique way this year and I’m actually excited for people to be at home and go, “Hey, they just gave us something to actually try at home!”

JL: On the other end of that spectrum, something that you should probably never try at home is a common Hollywood movie and TV show trope—a good guy swings a sword at a bad guy, cuts him in half, but nothing happens until a few dramatic seconds later when, bloop, the bad guy falls apart. We wanted to see if it was possible for Brian and I to swing a sword fast and hard enough to have that kind of reaction. So we build a robot sword-swinging rig for that episode!

BL: It’s wild! John and I are life long fans of MythBusters and there’s a legacy we wanted to make sure we held up. I have no problems saying that we’ve produced a season of MythBusters that as a life long fan, I want to watch!