We all know that Monday can be a rough day, and sometimes Tuesday is just Monday 2.0. So, If you’re searching for a great way to bounce back from a terrible Tuesday, look no further than AUDIENCE’s® new one-hour block of comedy.

First up at 10/9c is Hit the Road, and it’s the perfect way to set the mood. The show stars Jason Alexander as the patriarch of a traveling family band. Although the initial premise sounds pretty tame, unlike the Partridge Family, this group is not a feel-good source of smiles and harmony. Alexander’s fictional family, the Swallows, can best be described as increasingly dysfunctional narcissists. And when you throw in the cramped quarters of a tour bus, marital woes, teenage hormones, and potential financial ruin—it’s safe to say that hilarity will ensue.

Next up at 10:30/9:30c is Loudermilk. The series centers around Sam Loudermilk, a recovering alcoholic and substance abuse counselor with, to put it lightly, a pretty unpleasant disposition. He is unapologetically uncensored and has basically upset everyone in his life. But there is one positive, Sam has finally been able to get his drinking under control. However, throughout the series he discovers that when your life is a mess, getting clean is actually the easy part.

These 2 comedies are sure to get the laughs going, and if that doesn’t happen, at the very least, you’ll definitely feel better about your life!

Watch the trailer below and make sure to tune in to Hit the Road and Loudermilk—Tuesdays, at 10pm and 10:30pm on AUDIENCE® Ch. 239.