Have you ever caught yourself screaming “Yo Adrian!” for no obvious reason? Or maybe you ran up a flight of public stairs while pumping both fists in the air? Think you can you last 5 rounds with Rocky Balboa (aka: watch the first 5 Rocky movies back-to-back)? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then October is your lucky month!

On October 5th through the 11th, you can access 8 premium HD movie channels (and more) for FREE during our preview of the DIRECTV HD EXTRA PACK. The highlight is the Rocky Collection, an airing of the first 5 Rocky movies, which starts Sunday, October 8th at 3/4c on MGM HD (Ch. 567).

Want to watch the entire marathon but still need to leave the house? You can stream the DIRECTV HD EXTRA PACK on your computer, tablet, or smartphone too!

The marathon will encore throughout October, so if you miss the free preview, you can still upgrade and catch the Rocky Collection at the following times:

Sunday, October 8th (part of the FREE preview)
Rocky at 3/2c
Rocky II  5:30/4:30c
Rocky III 7:50/6:50c
Rocky IV :10:00/9:00c
Rocky V 11:50/10:50c

Friday, October 20th (upgrade to watch)
Rocky 6/5c
Rocky II 8:20/7:20c
Rocky III 10:35/9:35c
Rocky IV 12:30/11:30c
Rocky V 2:25a/1:20c

Saturday, October 28th (upgrade to watch)
Rocky 12/11c
Rocky II 2:20/1:20c
Rocky III 4:35/3:35c
Rocky IV 6:35/5:30c
Rocky V 8:25/7:20c

And here’s a list of all the channels included in the HD EXTRA PACK:

  • Hallmark Movies & Mysteries HD (Ch. 565)
  • HDNET MOVIES (Ch. 566)
  • MGM HD (Ch. 567)
  • Sony Movie Channel HD (Ch. 568)
  • Smithsonian Channel HD (Ch. 570)
  • Crime & Investigation HD (Ch. 571)
  • MTV Live HD (Ch. 572)
  • Shorts HD (Ch. 573)

Enjoy your favorite movies, shows and the Rocky Collection Marathon during the DIRECTV HD EXTRA PACK FREE PREVIEW, October 5th–11th (Chs. 565–573).

If you don’t have the DIRECTV HD EXTRA PACK, upgrade today and make it part of your channel lineup!