After captivating audiences everywhere, NBC’s must-see drama, This Is Us, returns for Season 2.

In the first season we were introduced to Jack and Margaret Pearson, their biological children Kate and Kevin, and their adopted son Randall. There was not much fanfare prior to the show’s debut, but the series scored points early on for clever storytelling. The characters were initially depicted as separate individuals, living separate lives, who were only coincidentally linked by sharing the same birthday.

However, when it was revealed that this seemingly random group of individuals, are actually all related, they became a family unit that we all wanted to learn more about. In addition to heartwarming story lines, that were relatable and real, the first season delivered every week and hardly had a misstep.

When the show last left off, the main story line involved an intimate look at Jack and Rebecca’s backstory and the early foundation of their relationship. Despite their issues, things seemed to be working out between the two of them—until a heated argument began. As the episode ended, we were all left wondering what would become of their relationship, and what would be the fate of their family.

As the new season kicks off there are still lingering questions about: Jack and Rebecca’s relationship, whether Randall will adopt, what direction will Kate’s singing career take, and around Kevin’s quest to find meaning as an actor and in his personal relationships.

Watch a sneak peek of Season 2 below, and make sure to catch This Is Us, Tuesdays at 9/8c on NBC.