Our mighty crew has been through hell and back, but they’re still not in the clear yet! Season 4 of TNT’s The Last Ship promises to be just as riveting and action-packed as ever, and we’re only two episodes in. We had the chance to chat with co-stars Adam Baldwin (aka Captain Slattery) and Bridget Regan (aka Sasha Cooper) about this season’s insane adventures and how their characters are going to react to these seemingly insurmountable challenges. Read our interview below and make sure to tune in to new episodes of The Last Ship, Sundays at 10/9c on TNT!

The stakes are extremely high this season! What can you tell us about how your characters will play into the fight to save humanity? 

Adam Baldwin: Slattery’s always on duty. This season he leads Nathan James on the search for the primordial seeds that may be the key to preventing world wide famine. But his heroism will come with some costs…

Bridget Regan: This show always manages to top itself. I’m constantly reading scripts like, “We’re gonna blow up what?!” But seriously, when Chandler walked off the ship at the end of season 3, he left Sasha and the crew of the Nathan James to keep fighting for humanity on their own without their leader. This season, Sasha is navigating an area of the world that she’s not as familiar with, and a crisis that has no clear answer. She buries herself in her research and attempts to move on from the loss of Chandler.

Adam, how does it feel to step back into your character’s shoes for this latest season? What do you love the most about playing Captain Slattery? 

I love his integrity, and his honesty. He always tells it like it is, he’s straight with his superiors, and respectful and honest to those who serve below him. And he’s got a big heart. You’ll see more of his personal issues this season.

Bridget, you’re a relatively new addition to the cast—what are you most excited for Sasha to delve into this season? What are her underlying motivations as we move through Season 4?

In Season 4 we see a different side to Sasha. She’s challenged and pushed to her breaking point. For me, it was exciting to see this bad ass, seemingly fearless woman, put in a position where she’s out of control.

What’s the energy like on set? You must be hyper-focused to nail the drama and action sequences, but there must be moments of levity on set as well? 

AB: We spend a lot of time laughing. I think drama sets are probably funnier than comedy sets, because the comedy for us helps us get through the intense physical and emotional stress of shooting an apocalyptic show. So the energy is focused and high when we do action, and intense and emotional when things get real. But between takes, it’s all tickles and laughs.

BR: The crew of this show works miracles every day on set to basically produce a massive blockbuster movie each week. We’re always racing the clock, so yeah, it’s hard to feel like we can goof off. But we so always find time to laugh at Kevin Michael Martin!

How do you think audiences will react to the narrative arcs of Season 4? What are you most excited for them to experience this season? 

AB: As always, The Last Ship will take you around the world. This time to the Mediterranean Sea. As Slattery says, it’s a body of water surrounded by dozens of countries, speaking 50 some languages, all bound to each “like frogs around the pond.” So the audience will get a great visual and cultural ride. There are also a lot of deeper issues at play—issues about what it means to be human, where aggression fits in as a useful or dangerous part of our DNA, and how, in the midst of total anarchy and breakdown of civil society, it’s possible to answer the call of our better angels and become MORE human.

BR: I think audiences will be surprised to see how much has changed over the course of the 16 months that’s passed since we left all these characters at the end of Season 3. Chandler, at first, appears to be an entirely different man, Sasha has hardened and is even more focused on trying to save the world in his absence, and all the guys have huge beards.
Congrats! The renewal for Season 5 happened so quickly! Why do you think fans love the show so much, and what’s going to bring them back for Season 5? 

BR: Yeah, we were thrilled when we got the pick up for Season 5 so far in advance! We’re now in the middle of shooting Season 5 which is even more nuts, if you can imagine.

AB: I think fans love the show for the same reasons we do: it’s a thrill ride every week! It tells the story of heroes, with great characters, drama, and even some laughs. It showcases the men and women of the Naval Surface warfare community—the true heroes in real life. It’s a show that can make you proud to be an American.


Read our interview with co-stars Adam Baldwin and Bridget Regan, and make sure to tune in to new episodes of The Last Ship, Sundays at 10/9c on TNT!