Ray’s been through a lot these past four seasons, but according to Liev Schreiber there’s a lot more chaos coming his way during Season 5! We grabbed a couple of minutes with the Ray Donovan star to get a taste of what audiences can expect when the new season premieres later this summer. Want to binge from the beginning? Start from scratch with Season 1, now available to all DIRECTV customers! If you’re further along make sure to stream Ray Donovan Season 4 ahead of the Season 5 premiere on August 6th at 9/8c only on SHOWTIME®.

What can you tease out about the upcoming season?

Something happens this season that will change the course of this family forever.

Where is Ray emotionally right now?

I honestly can’t imagine things getting any worse for Ray. I’m not entirely sure how he recovers from what happens to him this season.

He’s a pretty conflicted character. Is there anything he’s not conflicted about?

His shoes!

At this point, what’s Ray’s relationship with his father like?

Well at the beginning of Season 5, things are good between Ray and Mickey. They’re even living together!

What elements of Ray’s character are you excited for the audience to see this season?

Just his smile…

How mysterious! What challenges have you faced as an actor working within the framework of television—especially considering the show is entering its fifth season?

I think the biggest challenge for us is keeping things fresh as we move forward. Obviously it’s a challenge to accomplish that as quickly as we do and within the budget we are given, but that’s always the challenge with TV!

Read our interview with Liev Schreiber above, and catch the Season 5 premiere of Ray Donovan on August 6th at 9/8c only on SHOWTIME®.