There’s no reason your dog has to feel lonely or bored while you’re away. DOGTV is the world’s first channel just for dogs, and it’s exclusive to DIRECTV. It gives canines 24/7 companionship, dog-friendly music, and something to look at besides the front door as they wait for you to come home. DIRECTV has planned a FREE preview of DOGTV during 4th of July week, so you can leave Fido at home during the BBQs, boat rides, and fireworks shows.

Content on DOGTV has been specially developed to appeal to dogs, and has been scientifically designed by some of the world’s leading petsperts (aka pet experts). DOGTV can help reduce pet stress and separation anxiety, and the science behind DOGTV is based on over 60 international studies. But don’t take our word for it—the DOGTV 4th of July week preview lets you and your dog do your own research!

Check out the FREE preview of DOGTV, and give something back to man’s best friend. The DOGTV preview starts July 3rd and lasts through July 9th on Channel 354!