So far, Season 5 of Nashville has been full of surprises. And one of the biggest plot twists was Rayna’s death. It was an incredibly emotional episode, but now the big question is how her family and the other characters will move forward.

With Rayna’s passing, Deacon is now co-owner of Highway 65 and doing his best to keep her dream alive. However, this is unchartered territory for him, and he’s butting heads with co-owner Zach Wells.

Of Rayna’s two daughters, Daphne seems to be struggling the most with the loss of her mother. Her behavior at school and in their home is starting to change, and it looks like Deacon will need to give her extra attention. Maddie on the other hand is grieving, but also trying to work toward the future. She is taking steps to further her solo career and must also evaluate her relationship with Clay.

Although they have not faced a death, things are also complicated for Nashville’s other characters. Scarlett and Gunnar are still figuring out their relationship, which has become more complex now that she is pregnant. And add in the fact that she is uncertain who the child’s father is. Meanwhile, Juliette is dealing with the lingering effects of the plane crash on her relationship with her husband and hoping to mount a career comeback.

With Rayna’s passing, the Nasvhille universe will definitely be different, but with so much going on, it will certainly never be dull.

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