Welcome to the world of #millennials where no cell service is an existential crisis, delicious food is a photo-op, and the word “literally” is used excessively and never literally. Each bite-sized episode follows Steve (Casey Geraghty) and Deb (Julia Valentine Larson), a young, egocentric couple whose deepest discussions serve as fodder for their next 140-character post.

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So much of the show centers around our dependency on technology—what’s the one thing besides your iPhone that you can’t live without?

Casey Geraghty: Coffee.

Julia Valentine Larson: Does GPS count as an iPhone? Autocorrect?

What’s your ultimate pet peeve? We can’t stand people who walk, text, and don’t pay attention to where they’re going on the crowded streets of NYC!

CG: I always think it’s funny if you’re talking to someone and they get a text or e-mail, and you can tell that they are unable to comprehend what you’re saying. I usually start making something up to mess with them.

JVL: When someone ruins your current binge-worthy show by REVEALING THE ENDING WHILST IN EARSHOT! (Ahem, Casey…)

What’s been the most fun for you guys to play out on screen? What’s been your favorite episode to work on?

CG: I have the most fun when we have some sort of physical comedy in an episode. Like when Julia got hit in the face with a yoga ball in the last season, I got to throw a yoga ball in her face about 16 times.

JVL: It was really fun to play out Deb’s delusional narrative in episode 10 “Dead Phone.” Deb binges out so hard on “Science Show” that the next day she is IN “Science Show” in her head. Binging seems to be a running theme here, haha. I love figuring out ways to go down the rabbit hole so to speak, and explore fun, surreal moments that reveal inner truths about our characters.


So, what shows have you been binging recently?

CG: We just finished Big Little Lies on HBO. But once I found out it was based on a book, I googled the end and ruined it for us. I love Pete Holmes’ show Crashing, I also love Baskets on FX and Man Seeking Woman, also a huge fan of Broad City!

JVL: BIG LITTLE LIES! I admittedly stayed up until 4am one night watching O.J.: Made in America. Always binging on: Kroll Show, Portlandia, Chef’s Table… The new “Serial” podcast “S-Town”! Go download it.

Can you tell us some of the issues/narratives you’ll be tackling this season?

CG: This season is all about going through the motions of maturing. So we get jobs, move in together, go to therapy, all that adult stuff. And when all of that fails we drink wine, because that’s what adults do, right?

JVL: There are lots of stunts, bigger ambitions, and bigger failures. We get to learn much more about Deb and Steve and gain a clearer view of this “millennial” world they are earnestly failing to navigate. My hope this season is that we continue to explore real issues while staying silly and leaving you with a smile on your face. Even if it means taking a yoga ball to the dome 16 times to do it!

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