Iron Chef is back, returning to the Food Network under a new title: Iron Chef Gauntlet. And it wouldn’t be Iron Chef without its venerable host, Alton Brown. Brown knows food like no one else, having written multiple books on food and cooking, hosting Good Eats and Cutthroat Kitchen, and hosting Iron Chef America for 12-seasons. He’s back and ready to MC some epic chef battles, in which contestants compete for a chance to become an Iron Chef themselves. But this time, they aren’t just up against each other, they’re up against a gauntlet of Iron Chefs!

Like the original Iron Chef series, each episode will see contestant chefs battling it out in timed competitions cooking dishes around a specific ingredient—until a single chef is left standing. However, in Iron Chef Guantlet, the only way to be admitted to the elite Iron Chef Society is to survive… (cue dramatic music) the Gauntlet! This ultimate test of culinary skills is made up of three back-to-back battles, each one facing down a legendary Iron Chef like Masaharu Morimoto, Bobby Flay or Michael Symon.

Another twist to the old Iron Chef formula is the addition of an online component for the fans at home, which will accompany new episodes. Go to Food Network’s website to get tips, tricks, and inspiration that you can make use of at home.

Iron Chef Gauntlet premieres Sunday, April 16th at 9/8c on Food Network (Ch. 231). Tune in early to catch a one-hour special, The Legend of Iron Chef, which offers highlights from past versions of the Iron Chef series. If you’re still craving more foodie fun, stay tuned to Food Network for another series premiere at 10/9c, Iron Chef Eats, where past Iron Chefs and contestants talk about where they go when they dine out.