The Lyon family is back and they’re more cutthroat than ever! In the first episode of the series, Lucious Lyon announced: “I need to find a successor.” Three seasons, several top albums, and about 20 betrayals later, the question of who will rule the Lyon throne is still on everyone’s lips. But the drama took a turn during the mid-season finale, when one character announced a plan to kill Lucious.

But that may be the least of Lucious’ worries…

In the mid-season premiere, Cookie is “done” with Lucious destroying his office with a baseball bat, while Giusi points a gun at Lucious’ chest, and Lucious himself says, “I’m being attacked from all sides—Feds, gangsters, even my own family.” That’s just the half of it!

Everyone wants Lucious’ throne and many are willing to kill for it. So the big question is: will Lucious survive the season? Or will another Lyon roar in his place?

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