In May of 2003, Patrick Dennehy was the 6’10” star forward with a bright future on Baylor University’s basketball team, the Baylor Bears. On June 12th, 2003, Dennehy was shot and killed, his body found a month later in a field of weeds outside of Waco, Texas. The much-anticipated SHOWTIME® documentary Disgraced recounts the story of Dennehy’s tragic end, calling into question the conviction of teammate Carlton Dotson, who pled guilty to the murder.

It also digs into the scandal surrounding Baylor Bears former head coach Dave Bliss who, during the investigation, attempted to cover-up improper payments made to Dennehy in violation of NCAA rules. The violations led to Bliss’s resignation, and a 10-year ban from NCAA basketball.

First-hand accounts from students, investigators, and family, plus exclusive interviews with Bliss, make this documentary a compelling look into the only time in NCAA history where a student athlete was convicted of murdering another.

We remember the news headlines—do you? Don’t miss the premiere of Disgraced on Friday, March 31 at 9/8c only on SHOWTIME®.