From concert specials to thrilling films, DIRECTV customers can experience even more entertainment with the HD EXTRA PACK Free Preview. The Free Preview even includes a special Oscars theme with exclusive Oscars content!

From February 23rd to March 1st, you can test out the nine premium high definition networks included in the DIRECTV HD EXTRA PACK—everything from history specials and documentaries, to crime dramas, classic movies, live music and more! HDNET MOVIES has even unveiled a 40 film line up for its month-long Academy Awards celebration, “And The Oscar® Goes To,” hosted by Richard Roeper.

Here are all the awesome channels included in the HD EXTRA PACK:

Enjoy more of the HD movies and shows you love for FREE during the DIRECTV HD EXTRA PACK preview, February 23rd–March 1st on channels 565–573. Upgrade today and get the first three months free!