It’s hard to believe, but it’s been over ten years since the BBC first introduced viewers to their landmark series Planet Earth. Planet Earth was special, not only because of the incredible commitment it took to get it off the ground (it took 5+ years to capture featured footage), but also because it was the first documentary series of its kind to be filmed in high definition.

So how could the BBC possibly top that? By bringing us a fresh new look at the world around us in Planet Earth 2—and in 4K no less! In the ten years since the original series aired, technological advances have made it possible for the show to get even closer to the mysterious animals and far-flung places that were explored in the first series. Narrator Sir David Attenborough is also back to guide viewers through the beauty of our planet’s islands, mountains, jungles, grasslands, deserts and cities.

The premiere of Planet Earth 2 on BBC America is this Saturday, February 18th at 9/8c in HD on Ch. 264 or in 4K Ultra HD on Ch. 104!