Scenario #1: You and your significant other have planned a homemade romantic dinner for two, complete with red roses and champagne. Once every morsel of dessert has been savored, you decide to leave the dishes for later and cuddle up with your cutie for some R&R—but what to watch? There’s always The Notebook, or if you’re in need of some Old Hollywood magic you could always watch Roman Holiday. Our “Be Mine” carousel has a great selection of some of our favorite Rom-Coms, so kick back and indulge!

Scenario #2: You’re a swingin’ single, and you’re totally avoiding those eye-roll-inducing calls of “shmoopy” and “babe” by chilling at home with your single besties! You’ve thought ahead—there are plenty of snacks, bubbles, and gossip to go around—and you’re planning on watching something a little off color to match your mood. Maybe you want to laugh ’til your stomach hurts, in which case Bridesmaids is a good option… but something darker like Gone Girl might just do the trick. Our “Bad Romance” carousel offers a slightly darker take on love, and we have a feeling you’ll dig it! 

Whichever way you decide to go, we hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s Day!