The Young Pope has arrived. Already a big hit with European audiences, it’s directed by acclaimed film maestro, Paolo Sorrentin—known for his opulent work like The Great Beauty. The Young Pope stars Jude Law as the youngest pope in centuries, Pope Pius XIII. An already controversial choice because of his age, Pius XIII has his own idea of how the church should be run and isn’t afraid to do what it takes to see his vision through.

Pius XIII isn’t afraid of ruffling some feathers as he mercilessly attacks the Vatican power structure. Ruling through a mixture of fear and mysticism, the agenda of Pius XIII isn’t quite clear at the show’s outset, a plot point that hooked European audiences eager to see how this modern theological tale would unfold. The cinematic brilliance of director Sorrentino, coupled with Law’s portrayal make this a show not to be missed.

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