Last season, fans of the Lev Grossman best-selling series finally got to see their favorite characters come to life on the small screen in Syfy’s The Magicians—and Season Two promises to bring even more fantastical delights! The stakes are high as our protagonists navigate Fillory, and find out just how powerful they can be. We sat down with Stella Maeve (aka Julia Wicker), Hale Appleman (aka Eliot Waugh), and Summer Bishil (aka Margo Hanson) ahead of the Season Two premiere to find out just what viewers can expect when round two begins tonight. Check out our interview below, and stream the premiere of The Magicians tonight at 9/8c on Syfy (Ch. 244).    


What can viewers expect in Season Two?

Stella: Well you’ll see a lot more of Julia that’s for sure. This season feels amplified. You get to watch these characters grow as human beings through their magic. There are fantastical places like Fillory, and then of course there’s New York. But it’s still dark. So while you’re watching these characters grow and change, and interact with one another you’re also seeing crazy landscapes, wild animals, and talking animals.

How much more will we learn about Margo’s backstory during Season Two?

Summer: This year feels like a love letter to Margo and Eliot and their relationship—the things that I loved so much about the characters when I initially signed on. I love that there was a slow introduction to our characters, because it really pings off this season and the new challenges that our characters are facing. You get to see us in a much more fantastical setting, which almost feels natural for Eliot and Margo.

Hale: I’m really excited for everyone to see Margo this season. I think that Summer brings her to life in a way that no one else could, and it’s really great to finally see a bit more attention paid to her character. It’s really well preserved, and Summer is nailing it. So I’m personally excited about that!

How do you think the show sets itself apart from other Sci-Fi properties on TV today?

Hale: I think the uniqueness of The Magicians, is its incredible blend of real life and high-fantasy, turned on its head through both dramatic and comedic elements. These young people who are trying to become real adults, are thwarted by their own human baggage. All of those things playing together in one pot is something that doesn’t really exist anywhere else. The tone is very specific to our show. I think that’s only enhanced this season, and the scope of the show is much bigger. So, while there is the Brakebills “Harry-Potteresque” world, there is now this sort of Fillory as the magical Narnia. The juxtaposition of those two things with New York City as a real life backdrop, is something that I don’t think you’ll see anywhere else!


Check out our interview above, and stream the premiere of The Magicians tonight at 9/8c on Syfy (Ch. 244).