Who holds the real power in the rugged hills of Appalachia? Is it local law enforcement, or are there places they fear to tread? In WGN America’s original series, Outsiders, it’s the Farrell clan who rules. They’ve lived atop the same mountain for 200 years with little or no contact with the outside world, which means the insular Farrells don’t obey any law they don’t make themselves. While Season One saw the normal world begin to encroach on their mountain hermitage, Season Two raises the stakes and brings reality crashing down on the family.

The world won’t leave the Farrells alone, because they’re living atop a mountain loaded with valuable mineral resources. A faceless corporation wants to exploit the massive coal reserves under their feet, but the Farrells ignore their eviction notice and brace themselves for the coming confrontation. The company’s efforts to get them off the mountain by any means necessary plays into the Farrells’ doomsday prophecy, which further incites violence between their isolated community and the local fictional town of Blackburg, Kentucky.

The standoff that ended Season One between local police and the Farrells, sets the stage for the second season. However, this uneasy truce ends won’t last long, as the show’s creators have promised more drama, and more of the Farrells running amok. If you haven’t seen Outsiders yet, catch up on the amazing first season and then get ready to be floored by Season Two.

Season Two of Outsiders premieres January 24 at 9/8c on WGN America (ch. 307). Don’t miss the second of this backwoods drama!