Football fans will rejoice this Sunday as two of football’s fiercest rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens, face off. The bow on this present is that this game determines who wins the AFC North championship, making this a must-watch match.

The Ravens have a clear path to the playoffs, but if they can’t beat the Steelers this weekend their chances are shot. Getting this close to the playoffs has worn down the Ravens, who barely scraped out a win against the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday—a team they should have easily beat. It was, as some commentators have expressed, a sign that the Ravens’ focus is beginning to waver. Luckily, nothing unites Ravens’ players like a game against their arch-rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Steelers are close to a playoff spot, and winning this weekend could nab them the AFC North title. With so much at stake for both teams, expect each side to play their hardest. However, the Steelers’ record hasn’t been great against the Ravens recently—Baltimore has won the last four games they’ve played at Heinz Field—but the Ravens’ internal friction could easily undo that streak.

Sunday is still anybody’s game, and considering the stakes, it’ll be worth putting off playing with your presents for a few hours.

Tune in to NFLN on Ch. 212 this Sunday, December 25th for some very merry football! If a roaring fire can’t keep you warm this Christmas, then the heat coming off this game will!