Viewers may recognize Abigail Spencer from her stints on Mad Men, Suits, and True Detective, but her portrayal of Amantha Holden in the Sundance Channel drama Rectify really got fans talking. After three seasons of critical acclaim, the series is coming to a close when its fourth and final season premieres tonight. We caught up with Spencer to get a sense of how the series will end, and to find out just how much being a part of this project has affected Spencer—both on and off-screen. Read our exclusive interview below, and be sure to tune in to Rectify tonight at 10/9c when the final series premieres. 

The fourth and final season is upon us! What can you tell us about how the series will end? Are you satisfied by the way your story line will wrap up?

I will never be satisfied when Rectify and “ending” happen in the same sentence. It’s awful! The fourth season will be very different than previous seasons. I’m looking forward to going deeper into the character’s journey.

What are you most excited for viewers to see as the series comes to its end?

I’m most excited to see how it all comes together myself! And how the story lines intersect and weave together. I always can’t wait to see my cast members work. They are glorious.

Let’s rewind a bit—what initially drew you to this project?

The writing, and Amantha. [Creator] Ray McKinnon, Sundance and [producer] Mark Johnson. I knew within five pages that this project was exactly what I had been looking for… And Ray was exactly the kind of artist and creator I had been looking for! It was a kindred spiritedness. Since I had worked with AMC [on Mad Men] I was looking for an artist-driven piece on cable, and I had worked with Mark Johnson before on Chasing Mavericks and thought he was one of the classiest producers in the business. It was a perfect storm!

The show has garnered such great feedback, and built such a strong fandom. Looking back on all three seasons, what are you most proud of?

I am most proud of our team as a whole. We basically had the same cast and crew come back every season, and I’m so proud to be associated with this team of artists. I’m so proud of the consistency, development, and tenderness over time that each human took with their roles to make this whole. I’m so proud that I even got to be a part of it. I’m just really proud of doing something so radically human and so simply complex.

Recently there’s been a real resurgence in television series that address real-life scenarios related to crimes/the justice system. Has being part of Rectify inspired you to take on any new philanthropic endeavors?

My empathy and my interest in being an activist and support system for wrongful conviction families or lives that have been touched by wrongful conviction has been activated. And my interest in understanding what happens within the justice system, and improving our justice system has definitely been piqued. I’m very interested in this process and how to change things for the better.


Read our exclusive interview above, and be sure to tune in to Rectify tonight at 10/9c when the final series premieres.